What is Internet of things and strategy of internet of things?

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What is Internet of Things?

The most arising and trending technology today is Internet of things, it is a network of physically existed objects, all devices on internet, automobiles, building etc. and these all things are connected to the internet, embedded with the electronics, software chips or might be a sensors and all these make these objects able to collect and exchange data. It allows the devices to remotely sense and control the infrastructure of all the existing networks.

IoT applications are used in many industries today and there are number of reasons behind that. For example it is sharp and it works faster. It has powerful triggers and remote access of the objects.

Internet of things strategy:

The business infrastructure is transformed from different silos to the internet connected devices and the counting of the devices that are connected to the internet is increasing every day. The business executive wants to take advantage of this thing, and IoT is might be the best opportunity for these people since the internet age.

According to the research there are 30 billion plus devices that are connected to the internet since 2020 and off course the revenue of the providers will increase to the 250+ billion dollars. These devices include computers, Mac, tablets, cell phones, and some of the other TV devices. The other kinds of things are sensors and actuators, and some new and intelligent devices that monitor, than analyze and control the world.

The internet of things is hot topic since many years and researchers are working on it for long time, but at this time it is hitting on its top point. IoT has opened a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs and businessman and they can generate huge revenue from this.

Internet of things strategy falls in 3 broad categories and they all reflect the specific enterprise.

These strategies are:

  • Enablers
  • Engagers
  • Enhancers

Enablers: These are companies that are high technology oriented like IBM, Google, and Cisco etc. These companies develop and implement these technologies.

Engagers: These are designers and creators that integrate and deliver the internet of things services like Apple, Tagg, sensity etc to their consumers.

Enhancers: They plan the value added services over the top, by the services provided by engagers and that are unique to the IoT such as progressive snapshot.

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