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Software Development

Software Development

Urban-code build is a continuous integration and management server that is optimized for the business and enterprises that work within the customized framework. It provide the enhanced configuration and management to build the infrastructures from integration to development, release tooling, testing and a vast range of plugins as well for many tools. IBM is also providing a new bundle offer under a new consumption model that changes the way you can deploy devOps software. IBM also provides a new bundled offering under a new consumption model that changes the way you can use and deploy DevOps software.

It is an application release automation solution that combines the robust visibility, auditing capabilities and traceability as well. It allows you to deploy applications to the distributed data centers, cloud and in the virtualized environment. The plugin eco-system eliminates scripting and helps build devOps tool chains for the complex applications. The Urban Code deploy server can be run on your premises, on an IBM cloud with the advance and expert services, or on the Kubernetes based platforms, or IBM cloud private. You can also purchase urban-code deploy on its own or as the part of a bundle that allows you to pool the license for the range of IBM DevOps products.

Urban-code release, manages the release of interdependent applications, deployment of multiple applications and infrastructure changes as well. This software enables you to plan, execute and track the release through in every stage of lifecycle model. IBM Urban-code release help to eliminate errors while making large releases faster and agile.

Mobile foundation allows the user to build apps in a simple and safe that can easily integrate with the popular development tools. Go from idea to reality quickly with a mobile backend infrastructure, insights into app usage and powerful app management. Create the potential for expanded user engagement by adding intelligence and smartness into your mobile experience.

Cloud garage brings together the IBM design thinking, lean startup, agile DevOps and extreme programming that play an important role in the industry transformation. By using IBM Cloud garage, you can learn how to create user stories to understand pain points, prioritize backlogs to deliver product, and build user experience prototype. You can also learn how to deliver incremental values and validate it with the sponsor user.

The powerful AI enterprise makes deep learning and machine learning more accessible for your staff and the benefits of AI are more accessible for your business. It creates the open source deep learning frameworks, efficient AI development tools and accelerated IBM power servers. Now your organization can deploy a fully optimized and supported AI platforms that deliver best performance, resilience and proven dependability also. It is a complete environment for data science as a service, it enable your organization to bring new applied AI applications in the production.

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