We provide the retail solutions to our retailers to deliver the great buying experiences to digital-savvy customers. Our retail services team help to drive the incremental sales and brand visibility through effective selling in-store and by executing merchandising with the tablet technology. Our project and team members are always ready to create a new ways for retailers and respond to all projects as well.


We surveyed and make report of many shoppers for the sake of analyzing their shopping behavior and the products they like and dislike, this study yielded interested insights. 20% of shoppers have made purchases using the all 3 big voice activated assistants and they are Alexa, Siri and off course Google. The other 20% of shoppers are interested in online shopping and pick up in the nearest store once per month. 43% of people make additional sopping when picking up products that they have ordered online. Today, people prefer to search products inside the popular E-commerce websites like amazon, Walmart etc.

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