Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology

Mobile foundation allows you to build apps in simple, safe and mobile friendly environment that is easy to integrate with popular development tools. Go from your ideas to reality with a mobile infrastructure, powerful app management and insights into app usage. Create the potential for expanded user engagement by adding intelligence in your mobile experience.

It enables the team to share and exchange large files and directories directly from the desktop securely and quickly. Build on the patented adaptive, fast and secure protocol, aspera drive enables the high-speed performance transfer and synchronization of files and data sets of virtually of any size at maximum speed with the full access control, privacy and security.

It is basically a workspace that is built for teams who work together on daily basis. It is perfect to those who need to connect often, communicate frequently and stay aligned regularly. Whether it’s your team, clients or groups, Watson workplace provides you seamless communication for everyone.

On demand video and broadcast live video content to massive external audiences, secure enterprise video delivery to engage your workforce with the solution of our video platform. We allow the centralized management and control for both internal and external video communication and feature Watson AI capabilities to gain insights from the unstructured video content.

It is an easy to use, secure business analytics and visualization solution that is optimized for IBM Z data. It supports more data, including relational and non-relational, flat files and other kind of web services data delivers self-service BI to enterprise with the help of automatic dashboard and visualizations optimized for IBM Z sources like IMS, VSAM, and SMF includes data visualization technology to execute the analytics cost effectively without moving data off IBM Z.

It extends the mission critical terminal applications to the mobile, web, portal or as standard SOAP or restful web services without touching the existing applications. No refactoring, no rewriting or access to application source code is required. No refactoring, no rewriting or access to application source code is required. The low risk HATS transformation can reduce the training cost, increase the end user productivity and enable the reuse of proven business logic in new applications.

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