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IT Management

IT Management

IGC is a web based tool that can help you to explore, analyze and understand information. You can create, manage and share a common business document, language and enact policies and rules. Combines with KWC to leverage existing curated data sets and extend your on premises IGC investment on cloud. Knowledge cloud also allows to put collected metadata into your hands so that the data science and analytics communities can get the easy access.

This provides a range of flexible and secure runtime for the java enterprise applications, lightweight web applications and micro-services. You can create new applications and enhance and optimize existing applications infrastructure on premises or across any public or private or hybrid account. In addition by utilizing IBM private cloud capabilities, you can create on-premises cloud capabilities similar to public cloud to accelerate app development. The platform is build-on the open source kurbenetes based container and supports Docker containers and cloud foundry.

MQ is the messaging middleware that accelerates and simplifies the integration of diverse applications and data across the multiple platforms. It uses message queues to exchange information and offers a single messaging solution for cloud, mobile, and IoT environments. By connecting everything virtually, from the simple pair of applications to the complex business, it control the cost, reduce risk, improve responsiveness and provide real time data insights. It is available in the standard edition, an advanced edition, as an appliance in a Z/OS version and in the cloud.

API connect for organizations looking to accelerate and streamline their journey into API economy. It is the comprehensive management solution that addresses all four aspects of API lifecycle: create, run, manage and secure. API connect is very cost effective than limited solutions that just focus on just the new life cycles. It help to enables the external and internal consumers to accelerate the organization’s API program and capture new revenue through compelling new customer experiences.

It is a fully managed JSON document DBaaS that is optimized for the availability of data, durability and mobility. It is perfect for the fast growing web and mobile apps. The thing that makes it unique is the advanced indexing and ability to push the data to the network edge, along multiple devices and the data centers for greater fault tolerance and faster access of data. Moreover, it allows its user to access the data anywhere and anytime.

Control of infrastructure and visibility and the application environment makes it easy to rein in chaos. With the help of IBM performance management, identify bottlenecks and quickly get to the root cause of application problems across any environment: public or private clouds, data centers, IBM Blue mix platform as a hybrid or service.

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