Phytel outreach delivers the automated, evidence based communication that enables the providers to focus on promoting better health outcomes, where top priority is the patient and simplify patient alignment with quality measures and initiatives.

Phytel remind proactively and efficiently automates the time consuming process of manually emailing, calling, or texting patients about the upcoming and scheduled appointments. It can help to strengthen the profitability, frees up the time of staff and contributes to the better health outcomes.

It is an IT service management software that enables the midsize organizations to automate their IBM application environment. It offers tailor-able, goal driven and policy based technologies to manage the complex systems and applications automation control challenges. It is designed to eliminate most common reason for writing manual scripts and reduce the dependencies on operation resources and system programming. Automation control for Z/OS helps in many ways like it reduce IT costs, improve system and application availability.

System automation for Z/OS is policy based, self-healing and high availability solution to optimize availability and efficiency of the critical applications and systems. It is designed to reduce administrative and operational tasks; customization and programming effort and implementation time and cost associated with parallel sysplex automation.

It is a console automation and enhancement application for maintenance and administration of IBM z/transaction processing facility. It runs outside the z/TPF complex and allows you to monitor multiple system from the single workstation, diagnose problems quickly and accurately and automate operational tasks.

It is a system automation tool for z/OS environment. It integrates your console automation solutions, availability monitors and Tivoli OMEGAMON solutions to provide automated responses to system events.

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