What is Artificial Intelligence, and what are the applications of AI?

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is basically a combination of 2 words that is Artificial that means non-natural or human made and intelligence that means thinking or properly understanding. It is the well-known technology that is used in our daily life and it is developing rapidly. Most of the people think that artificial intelligence is a system, but that is not true, it is not a system but it is implemented within a system or machine to increase the working and functionality of that machine. It is the study of training the computers or making computers able to learn the things like human being, so that they can perform even better than us. This intelligence is implemented into the system to add human capabilities and abilities to the machines.

From SIRI to the self-driving cars, Artificial intelligence is progressing rapidly day by day. The science fictions portray AI with the human characteristics. As it is designed to perform the narrow tasks like facial recognition or car driving so it is also called weak artificial intelligence. Now, science is working to develop the strong artificial intelligence. Strong AI will be able to perform the every cognitive human task while weak AI only perform the tasks like chess playing or solving a math equation.

What are the developments in AI?

Most of the advantages is our daily life are made possible due to the focus on imitating processes of human thoughts. In recent years, the research field that has become so fruitful and profitable is known as machine learning ML, and both these terms AI and ML are sometime used interchangeably. However, this is an imprecise language use, and the best way to think of it is that machine learning shows the current state of art in the AI field. The applications of neuroscience to IT system architecture leads to the neural artificial networks, and work on this field has been developing over the last half century.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence is going very popular in many fields of life rapidly. Like in health department, AI is used for the diagnosis purpose because it is fast than humans and it can also reduce the patient cost. The well-known AI health care technology is IBM Watson. AI is used in many business for the purpose of learning algorithms to serves the customers in the best way and they are integrated into CRM and system analytics.Our education systems have also adapted the Artificial intelligence tutors, and it can provide the help and support to the students to study well and stay on track. AI is applied to the famous finance app, TurboTax as well for better functionality of system and it can also help to protect data and provides advice for future. The main important function of AI is in manufacturing area, to perform the specified sensitive tasks. They are kept separated to the human workers.

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