Watson Analytics is very smart data analysis and visualization services that is use to quickly discover the meaning of your data and patterns as well. With the help of guided data discovery, automated predictive analytics and cognitive capabilities such as natural language dialogue, you can interact with the data conversationally to get the best answers you understand. Whether you need to quickly spot a trend or you have team to visualize the report data in dashboard, Watson analytics has you covered.

SPSS is powerful, it supports the data science cycle from understanding to deployment. It offers the wide range of algorithms and capabilities like analytics and geospatial analysis. It is easy to use and offers the intuitive drag and drop interface that guide the users by analytics process. It is extendable to open source technologies with the coding optional capabilities. Moreover, it is scalable and grows with the business needs, from production system integration to desktop analysis. SPSS modeler is flexible; choose the licensing options that fits your need.

It is an elastic, fully managed cloud data warehouse service that is powered by IBM BLU acceleration technology for increased performance and optimization of analytics at a massive scale.

It is a leading statistical software that is used to solve the variety of research and business problems. It provides the wide range of techniques including ad-hoc analysis, hypothesis testing and reporting, making it easier to manage data, select and perform analysis, and share the results. New features include publication ready charts, Bayesian statistics, and improved third party software integration. SPSS statistics offers the base edition with optional ads on to expand predictive analytics capabilities. Available as a subscription or a license term (version25).

Maximo, when combined with the power of IoT data from people, devices and sensors can provide the warning signals from the assets, increasing operational efficiency and performance and reducing the planning downtime. With this data, it also enables the real time visibility into asset usage across multiple sites, extends the useful life of equipment, defer new purchases and return on assets.

It is an automated functional testing and regression tool for testing. This software provides the automated testing for regression, functionalities, GUI and data driven testing as well. It also supports the wide range of application like web based applications, Java, SAP, .Net, terminal emulator based applications, GEF, Adobe PDF documents etc..

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